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Using csshX to Manage Multiple Virtual Machines

21 October, 2014

I was looking for a cluster ssh tool to use to run updates and installs on multiple Virtual Machine servers. I had been having to ssh into each server individually, but with four servers this is already monotonous enough.

Searching the web I found Cluster SSH which looked cool, but I could not afford to use the X11 visual forwarding. The next tool that came up was a tmux script that would use tmux to synchronize tiles. Unfortunately tmux is not the easiest to learn, so I continued my search.

Then I came across csshX which is cluster ssh for OSX. This tool was very easy to use, first I created a file /etc/clusters. With this structure:

clustername user@ user@
custername2 user2@ user2@

Once I had my /etc/clusters set up I could call the command by entering csshX clustername. When you run this command you can control multiple shells easily.

First Lanyon Check out csshX for simple management of servers using OSX

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